National Pet Adoption Day event in Gosford

rescue dogA happy dog, placed via Pet Rescue NSW. Image: PetRescue NSW

Residents across the former Gosford LGA are being encouraged to learn more about Central Coast based animal rescue groups as part of a National Pet Adoption Day initiative by PETstock Assist and PetRescue.

The past five Adoption Days have found homes for nearly 3,000 animals across Australia, and this year, PETstock Assist is aiming to find forever homes for another 1,000 rescue pets across its 145 stores, by holding events at select stores to showcase pets in need of adoption and the people and organisations looking after them.

This year PETstock Gosford will hold a National Adoption Day event from 10am to 2pm on February 15.

Olympian, television personality and animal rescue advocate, Giaan Rooney, is also supporting the initiative this year, encouraging Australians to adopt, not shop for, pets.
PETstock Assist Charity and Events Coordinator, Jess Guilfoyle, said ‘Adopt Different’ is a call to would be owners to think differently about adopting a pet.
“We want people to be open to different types of animals and breeds, to make considered and sustainable choices, and to give rescue pets a chance at a better life,” she said.
“Contrary to popular belief many animals are surrendered to rescue groups through no fault of their own.
“We’re encouraging all animal-lovers to attend Adoption Day to meet pets in need, educate themselves on adoption, and reconsider any biases they may have towards rescue animals.
“All pets deserve a safe and loving forever home, and through initiatives like this, we hope to break the cycle of pet homelessness,” Guilfoyle said.
PetRescue Co-Founder, Vickie Davy, has seen firsthand the incredible bonds that form when new owners open their mind and adopt differently.
“A lot of people start their search for a new pet with a certain type, breed, or age in mind.
“However, your perfect match might not be the pet you think,” she said.
“If you have your hands full with kids, an older, more settled dog or cat may be a far better fit than a young, energetic puppy.
“Or, if it’s your child’s first pet, a smaller animal such as a guinea pig or reptile may be a better option and a great introduction to the responsibility of pet ownership,” she said.
Davy also said wary would be owners can rest assured that a vigorous matching process would be followed.
“Rescue pets receive extensive training and behavioural assessments before being rehomed, allowing potential owners to make an informed decision on the right pet for their lifestyle,” she said.

Media release, Jan 13
Maddie McDonald, Communicado

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