Level 1 water restrictions imposed

The level at Mangrove Creek Dam has risen to 53.25%

Despite torrential rains over the weekend of February 8 and 9, Level 1 water restrictions were in place on the Central Coast as we went to press.

Central Coast Council took the decision to introduce the restrictions on February 10, with the 50% trigger point likely to have been reached at Mangrove Creek Dam before the weekend’s forecast rain event.
And although the rains did see the level rise to 53.25 by February 11, restrictions will stay in place for now.
A Council spokesperson said that although rainfall received on the Coast over the weekend exceeded the amount forecast, rainfall “can also be patchy and may not always fall within the drinking water catchment area.
“While the weekend’s rain is welcome and is putting water in our dams, ongoing rain will be required to reverse the downward trend that we have experienced in the past two years,” the spokesperson said.
Council staff are reviewing the quantity and quality of the region’s water storage and supply, with more information to be provided once the review is completed.
The spokesperson said that in the event of, or where there is a risk of, an accident, fire, hazard to health or the environment, restrictions do not apply.
This includes the hosing of driveways to clear debris deposited there by the weekend’s storm event.
Council’s Director, Water and Sewer, Jamie Loader, said the restrictions complement Council’s ongoing investment in water infrastructure which has put the region in a strong position to face a prolonged drought.
“In the past decade, we have made significant investments in the Coast’s water infrastructure and this has paid off, with our dams levels holding relatively steady in comparison to those in neighbouring regions, where restrictions were required some months ago,” Loader said.
“Level 1 restrictions will support this water conservation and help us to potentially avoid Level 4 or 5 restrictions and their very stringent measures.”
Mayor, Lisa Matthews, said: “Thanks to everyone’s ongoing conservation efforts, our dam levels have only fallen gradually.
“This, combined with good infrastructure and the introduction of restrictions, helps to reduce pressure on our water supply.”
Under Level 1 restrictions, you can reduce outdoor water use by: using a watering can, bucket or a hose with a trigger nozzle; only watering gardens and lawns before 10am or after 4pm; washing vehicles on the lawn; and, sweeping instead of washing paths, driveways and buildings.
You must not use fixed sprinklers and micro sprays.

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