Forresters Beach play space to be given a makeover

An ageing play space at Forresters Beach is to be given a makeover in response to requests from residents.

Central Coast Council said construction work was underway to provide a new, safe and engaging local play space at Archbold Place.

Construction works are due for completion by April and will include the removal and disposal of the deteriorated play equipment, and supply and installation of new softfall play equipment suitable for a range of ages and abilities, pathways and park furniture.

But if residents were hoping for shade at the new park, they are in for a disappointment.

A statement on Council’s website says that although shade structures are included at all regional and district play spaces in the areas of the park that are most essential, such as toddlers’ areas, they are not generally included in local play spaces.

“Council uses natural shade within play space design via existing trees or the planting of mature trees,” the statement says.

“Shade structures or tree planting are not always possible at every location due to site constraints such as impacts upon surrounding properties and the high incidence of vandalism and cost of maintenance of shade structures.”

Council advises that “in line with Cancer Council recommendations”, residents should visit play spaces in the mornings and afternoons, but not at the hottest time of the day, and should always wear sun safe clothing such as long sleeves and hats.

The statement says Council has developed a “hierarchy” of play space types guided by local and state guidelines for open spaces.

Regional play spaces, which attract and serve people across the whole region and outside areas, typically have the greatest capacity and variety of equipment and incorporate a wide array of facilities including shelters, tables, barbecues, car parking and associated activities such as half-courts, skate areas and bike paths.

Examples include Saltwater Creek Park, Long Jetty, Peninsula Recreation Precinct, Umina, and Canton Beach Community Park for the visually impaired.

District play spaces are medium sized play spaces which are accessible by bicycle, car and bus and are co-located with other facilities such as parking, toilets, shared paths or sports facilities.

Examples include Sohier Park (Ourimbah), Wamberal Park, Wairakei Rd (Wamberal), Kariong Hall (Kariong) and Kibble Park (Gosford).

Local play spaces, which make up 80% of Council play spaces, are located within local parks and typically have the least play equipment.

They are intended to provide play spaces for the local community for short stay visits and are within walking distance, generally at a 500m radius.

The Archbold Park project is funded by the NSW Government.

Central Coast Council website, Feb 5