Doctor is harder to see than the Queen

[Forum] Recently, I had need to see my local GP, but to my frustration, I could not see my doctor for 10 days.

By the time my appointment came, my symptoms had eased and I cancelled.
A few weeks later my problem reappeared, and I made another appointment, 11 days wait this time.
In my opinion, this is totally unacceptable. A person could be dead in 10 days.
This raises several questions.
Has the doctor taken on too many patients?
Does council have any consideration of the lack of GPs when they jam as many people as possible on to the Peninsula?
How many deaths have occurred due to the time it takes to see your local GP?
Is this issue being conveniently overlooked by both council and State Government to pursue their agenda on population growth?
Again, the residents’ quality of life is not being considered.
We are being railroaded into a future where the developers rule.
Questions must be asked about who cares for the needs of local ratepayers.
In Australia, a visit to see your local GP should be classified as a human right.
Three days wait was bad enough, but 10 days is not acceptable.
Our quality of life is being eroded by questionable decisions made by people with an obvious agenda and that agenda has no consideration for us ratepayers.

Meanwhile I will keep on going to work, limp around on my bad leg and wait to see my GP, who is harder to see than the Queen.

Email, 21 Jan 2020
Brian Lewis, Umina