Councillors’ attendance report card not so good for some

Central Coast CouncillorsSuspended Central Coast Councillors.

Only three councillors have attended all 51 ordinary or extraordinary council meetings since the Central Coast Council term began in September, 2017.

They are Deputy Mayor Jane Smith from the Gosford East ward, and Crs Kyle MacGregor and Louise Greenaway, who are both from the Wyong ward.

Council meeting attendance

Below are the latest figures for attendance, tallied before the first council meeting for 2020 which was held on Wednesday, February 12. (of 51 meetings)

Councillor NameMeetings Absent
Cr Troy Marquart *12
Cr Chris Burke 10
Cr Doug Vincent 8
Cr Rebecca Gale 7
Cr Chris Holstein 6
Cr Lisa Matthews **5
Cr Richards Mehrtens 4
Cr Jilly Pilon 4
Cr Jillian Hogan 4
Cr Greg Best 4
Cr Jeff Sundstrom 1
Cr Bruce McLachlan 1
Cr Jane Smith ***0
Cr Kyle MacGregor 0
Cr Louise Greenaway 0

*Cr Marquart had a medical emergency in November, 2017, which has seen him with the highest number of absences.
**Lisa Mathews was Mayor from September 2019.
*** Jane Smith Mayor from Sept 2017 until Sept 2019.

Briefing attendance

The latest figures for attendances at councillor briefings stop at October, 2019. There have been a total of 78 councillor briefings.

Councillor nameAttendances
Cr Jane Smith60
Cr Jeff Sundstrom58
Cr Louise Greenaway55
Cr Jillian Hogan54
Cr Kyle MacGregor 52
Cr Bruce McLachlan 50
Cr Chris Holstein48
Cr Richards Mehrtens 47
Cr Jilly Pilon 39
Cr Chris Burke 38
Cr Rebecca Gale 37
Cr Lisa Matthews36
Cr Doug Vincent33
Cr Troy Marquart 19
Cr Greg Best17

Central Coast Council Watch
February 11
Reporter: Merilyn Vale