Why do we bother with council and its elected officials?

[Forum] A review of your December 23 publication (edition 485) made me wonder why do we bother with Council and-or its elected officials.

The front page article was all about non-compliant development approvals. This is not the first and sadly will not be the last. Mr Van Davy raises some valid points. My own experience in trying to have a tree on Council property removed as it poses a danger to the elderly resident and her adjacent property was nothing less than disgraceful.

After being told it was outside the budget (really), I took it up with the councillors themselves. I received one response which simply acknowledged receipt and no more. My poor client still cannot use her driveway and is in fear of damage to her property every time we get a strong wind gust.

It’s not on her property so she cannot remove it and she is left without current recourse. Maybe they are wanting her to wait and then retain me (I’m a solicitor) to recover damages when the inevitable occurs?

Email, 8 Jan 2020 Katie Smith, Umina