Thank you to all the good, honest people out there

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[Forum] My son Elian and I would like to express our gratitude publicly to the lady/ladies at Coles West Gosford who found my son’s wallet on the evening of December 18 and handed it in to the police, who returned it to us later in the evening.

My son was completely unaware that he had lost his wallet, having stopped to shop late in the evening after finishing work, until the police arrived to return it.

I was apprehensive about answering the bell at such a late hour, particularly as we are fairly recent residents in the area and because of the unfortunate incidents I have seen and heard of, but an insistent second ring convinced me and so glad I did.

The young female officer informed me of the situation, returned the wallet and even apologised for waking me up. I appreciate them doing a good job.

Thank you to all the good, honest people out there who make this world a better place.

Email, Dec 19 Anne Koulouriotis, Gosford