Film about gut health to be shown in Ettalong

Don ChrisholmDon Chrisholm aka The Gut Man

A raw food advocate has organised a screening of the documentary film No Reason for Disease in Ettalong.

Umina food coach Ms Jenny Taylor said the film by Don Chisholm would be shown at Cinema Paradiso from 7pm on February 10.

Ms Taylor said Mr Chisholm was a health practitioner known as “The Gut Man” for his work on gut health.

Some years ago I came across his fabulous book, Have You got the Guts to be Healthy, and I loved it so much I’ve now been sharing his teachings for the past 20 years,” Ms Taylor said.

“Today’s world is so different to the world our parents and grandparents lived in,” she said. “They didn’t have the problems we’re facing today and to survive we have to make ourselves aware of what is driving the ever- increasing illness and disease all around us.

“Why is there so much disease? Why is it that everyone lives with a condition they would prefer not to have? “More than half the population has at least one chronic health condition. “This is not right.

“This documentary asks: What are we doing wrong and how we can change our habits to improve our health?” Ms Taylor said. Attendance at the screening must be booked.

SOURCE: Social media, 16 Jan 2020 Jenny Taylor, Think More Raw