Headline was both fair and balanced

Letters to the editor

[Forum] Contrary to the opinion of John George (CCN Forum edition 222), I am sure that many readers will agree that the headline “Prime Minister makes a flying visit to Central Coast but has nothing new to offer (edition 220)” was both fair and balanced.

Mr George wrote that having attended Mr Morrison’s address at East Gosford, he found him to be “compassionate, genuine and sincere. ” I doubt if the poor asylum seekers stuck on Nauru or Manus Islands or the hundreds of thousands eking out an existence on the pitiful Newstart allowance will agree about the compassionate part.

Those of us waiting for the PM to even acknowledge the possibility of human induced climate change, yet alone formulating a meaningful policy to respond to it, disagree on the genuine and sincere part of his statement.

Since his election win, the PM seems to have developed both a severe case of hubris and tin ear disease and really has had nothing new to offer either the country, or the Central Coast, beyond smiles -some call them smirks- and prayers.

Email, Dec 10 John Shingleton, Terrigal