Desalination is a long term drought solution

desalination plantPort Stanvac Desalination Plant in South Australia. Image: Wikicommons

[Forum] What I’m about to suggest may sound totally ridiculous and fantastical, but I get frustrated at the lack of action on drought.

The government is talking about creating more dams, but this idea is of no use unless it rains constantly. Australia is surrounded by water and we need to find a way to direct it to the area where it is required. Obviously, the water would need to be desalinated and pumped from the ocean via pipelines.

The technology is available and earth moving equipment knows no limits, compared to the construction of the Snowy Hydro project, The Great Ocean Road, The canals of Holland and the Manchester Ship Canal. These miraculous achievements were completed with bare hands, picks and shovels. It is possible.

If this concept had been adopted years ago, we would not have the concern we have to-day, with the government throwing huge amounts of money at the farmers. They want water not money. A recent proposal from the government is to pay exit fees to the farmers, thus encouraging farmers to abandon farming which in turn means less farm produce, and higher food costs. Where is the sense in that?

An enormous inland lake could be created to provide irrigation west of the divide and perhaps even a new town. Would it also influence reducing rising sea levels? I suggest that a feasibility study be investigated and the conclusion must be in the affirmative so that the only result is not, can it be done, but how can it be done.

Email, Dec 7 Chris Dillon, Kincumber

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