Australia has enormous gas supplies yet we forecast shortages

gas burnerGas burner. Image: Wikicommons

[Forum] It is certainly concerning to see the forecast shortages of gas supplies, and the excessive prices being charged to our local businesses and consumers(CCN issue 222).

The question is, why? Australia has enormous gas supplies, so why are we being starved of our natural resource? Anyone with half a brain knows that part of our gas extraction should be sequestered for local use.

One explanation is that our half clever politicians have allowed the extractors to export the lot so that we can buy it back at a higher price.

Ms Martin mentions the ground gas. I suspect this means fracking, which has a dreadful reputation involving contamination of ground waters, and above ground pollution involving waste products and gas leakage.

Don’t we already have enough problems with our environment and ecology? T

he answer is not with fracking, but with claiming back some of the abundant gas already being extracted. If the current extractors don’t like that, then inform them they will not be considered for any future contracts.

Email, Dec 10 R Ashcroft, Green Point

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