We should support the use of mobility scooters

mobility scooterMobility scooters a vital tool for aged and disabled says one reader.

[Forum] A recent accident at Peninsula Plaza Shopping complex at Woy Woy drew various articles by journalists as to the use of mobility scooters.

Comments about a three kilometre per hour speed limit on the usage is just one of numerous misinformed statements about the legal requirements to use such vehicles.

Mobility scooters are designed to assist people who have trouble in walking and not for teenage tomfoolery. Registration, licencing and insurance are not prerequisites to the use nor is there a defined speed limit and mobility scooters can be ridden on roads and footpaths in the same way as pedestrians.

An excellent publication called “A users guide to Mobility Scooters” is published by Blue Badge Insurance and can be downloaded on your computer. The advantages of these scooters is life changing for the aged and impaired members of our public and we should endorse and support their usage.

SOURCE: Email, 4 Nov 2019 Rod Fountain, Booker Bay

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