Water Management Advisory Committee Councillor members announced

Mangrove Creek Dam in 2007 at it's low pointMangrove Creek Dam in 2007 at it's low point. Archive 2007

Six community members will join Councillors Chris Holstein, Jane Smith, Kyle MacGregor and Louise Greenaway, to form a Water Management Advisory Committee.

The new advisory group will provide advice and feedback to Council on the management of the Coast’s water supply. Selected community members have been chosen for their knowledge, skills and experience which can contribute to the functions and deliberations of the committee.

Their names will be advised on council’s website after unsuccessful candidates have been notified. As one of its first decisions, the newly formed Water Advisory Committee will review the water storage levels at which water restrictions should be introduced.

In February, Council agreed to introduce restrictions when Mangrove Creek Dam reaches 50 percent. Previously, the trigger was 40 percent.

Source: Central Coast Council meetings Oct 28 and Nov 11