Prepare for an uncertain future

The Lion Island bushfire. Image: CC RFSThe Lion Island bushfire. Image: CC RFS. Archive Sept 2018

[Forum] As finger pointing regarding deferred climate change action increases, the public should prepare for an uncertain future.

We must accept that fire patterns have changed forever. This changed pattern now extends for at least six months of the year, a matter declared offlimits for discussion and action by politicians.

This is reason for more public protests as the public believes finger-pointing will dominate State and Federal Parliaments in the years ahead. We have been expecting and relying on cosmic miracles for 40 years to address the climate change problem.

Who do we blame? Ourselves or the astrologers? The planet’s best scientists can now point their collective fingers at the real culprits.

Letter, 13 Nov 2019 Norman Harris, Umina