Major changes to your newspaper

Major changes at your newspaper

From July 1, Central Coast Newspapers changed ownership. Formerly published under the banner of Ducks Crossing Publications, the organisation has been incorporated and now publishes under the banner of Central Coast Newspapers Pty Ltd.

Going forward, we will be trading as Coast Community News.

We wanted to answer some of your questions and share with you some exciting new developments over coming weeks.

Q1. Where is Cec?

The answer is, he’s right here, where he’s always been. Cec has agreed to stay on as CEO and Chief Editor, which means that our strict editorial standards will be as high as ever and the war on misplaced commas and apostrophies will continue as normal.

Q2. Will I still be able to get my paper?

Yes. We will still be distributing copies of the Coast Community News, Peninsula News and the Wyong Regional Chronicle as normal via more than 450 distribution points right across the Central Coast.

Q3. Is the paper going to change?

Yes … in all the right ways. We are making several changes mainly in response to your feedback. Firstly, we are very excited to say that from November 29, Coast Community News will be published WEEKLY. It will be available every FRIDAY morning at all the same distribution points as before. It may however, look a little different.

This is because we have decided to refresh the format of the paper and add a few more sections, including more sport and regional news, as well as to introduce a few surprises. Since we don’t indulge in rumours, we can neither confirm nor deny that one of these might include a large crossword and other reader engagements.

Q4. Are we going digital?

Yes. In fact, as many of you will know, we have been developing our website and social media platform now for well over a year, including all our headline stories, a video news program, including ‘Friday 5@5’, and ‘Spotlight’ video interviews. The website can be found at www. coastcommunitynews. com. au We have also introduced daily news bulletins that can be heard on community radio stations across the Coast and are distributed via twitter, Facebook, our websites and other social media platforms.

Q5. Will editorial focus and standards change?

Importantly, there are three things that will never change at Coast Community News. Firstly, our experienced journalists will continue to abide by our strict editorial standards and codes of conduct to bring you real, independent, local news without fear or prejudice.

Secondly, our papers and online content will remain free and available to everyone on the Coast, irrespective of their socioeconomic circumstances. Thirdly, each paper will continue to focus specifically on the areas covered by each paper. And finally, we will continue to help the many and varied community organisations across the Coast that work tirelessly to care for locals that are most in need.

There will be more announcements in coming weeks. We know you will be forthcoming with your feedback, good and bad, and we look forward to receiving it. Ross Barry, Publisher