Woy Woy student helps children’s hospital

Charlie SceatsCharlie Sceats

A Woy Woy Public School student has raised more than $2400 for the Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Charlie Sceats raised $2433 for the Foundation by participating in the City to Surf fun run in August. Following the event, runners’ fundraising web pages stayed open throughout September and on October 2 Charlie was able to deliver his fundraising profits to the Foundation in the form of a cheque.

Foundation chief executive Ms Nicola Stokes congratulated Charlie on his efforts and extended her thanks after he arranged a special treat for Randwick Children’s Hospital patients. Charlie visited a sportswear company’s Sydney headquarters during his fundraising campaign to see if they could help.

Following their meeting, the company made a large product donation to the Randwick hospital so patients too sick to take part in the City to Surf could feel a part of all the fun. “To say Charlie is determined to help others is an understatement, ” Ms Stokes said.

“Not only did he raise over $2400 for Randwick Children’s Hospital, Charlie also decided to contact Under Armour to see if they could help too. “Before he knew it, a box of goodies was sent to the hospital. ”

SOURCE: Social media, 16 Oct 2019 Nicola Stokes, Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation