Let’s crowd-fund our own pothole fixing truck

PotholeA pothole Image: DFA

[Forum] Well, the rains returned and so did the potholes. No surprise there. One has to give the Council it’s due with its “Dob in a Pothole” initiative.

This is to identify where these pesky little critters are hiding. If the Councillors really want to know where they are, just look in your last lot of pothole filling work orders. They are still where they were last time and the time before that and the time before that, ad infinitum.

Obviously, their intention is to carry on as they have done for years and just fill them with a bit of cold mix. As this has proved to be totally inadequate, I think it’s about time we took matters into our own hands.

What we need is the pothole fixing truck I have written about before. Get the job done once and properly. Pothole gone.

I therefore intend to start a GoFundMe page so we can buy our own truck and start filling away. I hope you will support it and, as a result, we can stop wrecking your car and mine.

Email, 26 Sep 2019 Laurie Powell, Woy Woy

This letter appeared first in the print edition of the Peninsula News, edition 480.