Renovation works underway at Kincumber High School

Kincumber High School - due for major upgrades

A number of renovation works are underway at Kincumber High School. You may have noticed there have been a number of upgrades made to various areas around the school during the holidays, said Principal, Brent Walker.

The courtyard, adjoining the HSIE and Mathematics faculties, has been renovated and is nearing completion. This area will become a focal point of the school and was used to host a barbeque for the guests of our recent NAIDOC assembly.

The school will commence its environmental program to move all its lighting over to LED shortly. This will have considerable environmental benefit and it is estimated to save the school approximately $40,000 annually on utilities costs. This money can then be spent on supporting student learning in the classroom, Walker said.

Source: Newsletter, Jul 31 Brent Walker, Kincumber High School