Council to consider urban shade and green space

Suzy is much happier in the shade. So should we all.

A draft Greener Places Strategy which aims to enhance tree canopy cover and green space across urban areas will be considered by Central Coast Council tonight (July 9).

Peninsula Community action group Grow Urban Shade Trees has been campaigning for more tree planting along residential streets on the Peninsula and were consulted in the preparation of the strategy. The strategy proposes that the Council develop a series of plans such as a green grid plan to promote and manage urban green spaces with a two for one replacement for every tree removed across the region.

It aims to identify opportunities for community partnerships to fund and resource landscaping and streetscape improvement projects. It hopes to develop community and school programs and events to improve regional biodiversity and tree management, including backyard habitat and citizen science programs and support the establishment of native gardens on private lands.

It also aims to reduce urban heat island effects and increase habitat for urban wildlife. The strategy was presented to councillors at a briefing on June 3 where answers were provided to questions about how damage to infrastructure would be avoided and whether it would reduce graffiti. As well as the Grow Urban Shade Trees group, the Trees of Bateau Bay group and Community Environment Network were also consulted. If approved, the strategy will go on public exhibition for 28 days.

SOURCE: Central Coast Council agenda 4.4, 8 Jul 2019