Remind politicians: Walking track needs repair

The degraded walking track to Half Tide RocksThe degraded walking track to Half Tide Rocks

Politicians should be reminded that the Half Tide Rocks walking track is in urgent need of repair, according to the Wagstaffe – Killcare Community Association.

Association president Ms Peta Colebatch said the track has been in a state of accelerated decay for years. “The track is getting worse and worse. “Let’s face it: The track is degraded. “It’s time it was fixed.” Ms Colebatch said pleas from the community to the State Government and National Parks and Wildlife Service have fallen on deaf ears.

“We do not want to have to wait for years and years for National Parks to respond to our pleas and offers of help over the years,” Ms Colebatch said. “We’ve now written to the Deputy Premier, seeking his intervention.” Ms Colebatch said the association was now asking residents to write to Member for Terrigal Mr Adam Crouch.

“Yes, the holiday season is here, but please remind the politicians that we need them to respond to our requests. ”Do not let the government condemn this area to waiting for their lengthy bureaucratic process of getting the 1985 Plan of Management updated and then perhaps thinking about actually fixing the track. “Let’s get the track fixed. “It’s time,” Ms Colebatch said.

SOURCE: Newsletter, 9 Dec 2018 Peta Colebatch, WTKCA

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