Holstein warns small business may lose in regional plan

Deputy mayor Cr Chris Holstein has said a regional approach to town centre management across the Central Coast may make it difficult for Council to properly service the interests of small businesses in those locations.

He was responding to a review of town centres adopted by Central Coast Council last week. He said Council was responsible for security, cleaning, landscaping and maintenance in town centres. “That can go across six areas of Council so I can understand why staff want to bring it under one umbrella,” Cr Holstein said.

“My concern is how a further report will focus back on the locals, on what is being done in their area by Council to do what they need, the events that will take place and what is being done to market and promote the specific area their business is in,” he said. “I hope the subsequent reports give more detail on that,” he said. “How this is going to be funded greatly concerns me. “Will there be the need for a further levy?

“Officers say no, but that concerns me. “We are talking about the small mum and dad businesses. “We can’t lose the local content for those businesses and the ability for them to link back to Council when they have an issue. “I suppose these other reports due back in January may alleviate some of those concerns,” Cr Holstein said.

SOURCE: Central Coast Council agenda 4.1, 10 Dec 2018 Reporter: Jackie Pearson