CWA branch sends Christmas package to the Pilliga

Christmas package sent to Pilliga CWA from Woy Woy.

Members of the Woy Woy branch of the Country Women’s Association have sent a Christmas package to the drought afflicted Pilliga branch of the Association.

Branch president Ms Jane Bowtell said: “While the drought may no longer be making headlines, it is still on our mind and affecting communities right across Australia. “We decided to send some gifts to our friends at the Pilliga branch. “These 60 gifts, collected by our members, will be distributed both at the local school and within the community with presents appropriate for children of all ages and adults. “We hope that this gesture will help those struggling this Christmas and bring a little cheer during what is surely a very difficult time,” Ms Bowtell said.

SOURCE: Social media, 9 Dec 2018 Emily Bowtell, Woy Woy CWA