Campaign attracts 48 submissions against Woy Woy proposal

Harvey McDougallHarvey McDougall

The Save Our Woy Woy community group’s campaign against a proposed development at 170 to 176 Blackwall Rd has succeeded in encouraging 48 residents to make submissions on the latest amendments to the proposal.

Group founder Mr Harvey McDougall said 50 people attended the latest public meeting held at Woy Woy Leagues Club on Tuesday, December 11. “The 48 submissions covered 199 different issues,” Mr McDougall said. The issue of infrastructure was raised eight times, traffic and parking 37 times, height and scale was discussed 38 times by objectors, 31 objections related to floor space ratio and setbacks, engineering and character were mentioned 28 times, noise and privacy 19 times; trees and greenspace 16; stormwater 14; and overshadowing, exhaust fumes, absence of kerb and guttering were also mentioned in submissions.

“Overall, there was a very strong voice that the revised plans did not meet any of our comments previously submitted regarding over-height, over the FSR and non-compliant setbacks,” Mr McDougall said. “There appears to be little or no changes regarding the underground parking and no response to all our submissions about re-designing the plans to meet the GLEP 2014, height, FSR and setback limits which would make the development compliant,” he said. “The meeting also discussed a profile on what the Save Our Woy Woy group is all about. Group member Pat Anthony drafted a description of the group for public use. After discussion, the meeting accepted this in its entirety. “This has been added to our Facebook page to inform members of what we are about.

“The group also discussed its strategy up to mid-January. “Council needs to listen to the voice of Woy Woy and heed the advice that is forthcoming. “Since our inception we have had three meetings. “The first had 35 people attend, the second had 90 people and the third had 50 people attend. “There are overlaps of people during that period of meetings, but the people are very much against developments of this magnitude in our area. “We are also against approvals that are not compliant with Council regulations. “The group is in contact with Council attempting to arrange a meeting, so they can hear our voice. “We await their reply. “We are continuing with our fight and are not going away. “We ask all Woy Woy residents to talk to your friends and neighbours about this development, so we can keep on top of all future similar applications,” Mr McDougall said.

The description adopted by the meeting said the Save Our Woy Woy was made up of residents of Woy Woy concerned about development in the Woy Woy residential area. “We are politically neutral and have no direct affiliation with any political party, groups or individuals. “The group are not antidevelopment but want to ensure that any developments are maximum of two storey high (as currently exists) and in keeping with the character of the area.” The group also wants to ensure “there is adequate infrastructure to support the development” and that future development is “environmentally friendly” and complies with existing building codes.” “The formation of the group was prompted by Development Application DA54551 for the construction of 27 residential units and seven town houses at 170- 176 Blackwall Rd, Woy Woy, and 8 Farnell Rd, Woy Woy.

“This proposed structure was to have a height of 11.9 metres and footprint of 88.5 per cent, underground parking, with access directly to Blackwall Rd and 15 visitor parking spaces on the verges of Farnell Rd. “It was deemed unacceptable by all nearby residents who initiated the Save Our Woy Woy group. “It attracted more than 110 DA submissions to the Central Coast Council opposing this development project. “The main points of the objections were: non-compliance with building code for height, setbacks and floor to space ratio, out of character for the area, infrastructure considerations, environmental issues, parking and traffic concerns, shadowing, privacy and storm water issues and engineering concerns. “It was considered by the group that this could well be the beginning for many more similar projects in our area and set the standard. “It is understood that this DA will be presented to a full meeting of Central Coast Council early in 2019 who will review and decide the fate of this project. “It has further been decided that the State Planning Authority be approached to change their current building codes for our area,” the statement said.

SOURCE: Media release, 13 Dec 2018 Harvey McDougall, Save Our Woy Woy