Woy Woy parking to be ‘key focus area’

Woy Woy Station bus interchangeWoy Woy Station rail and bus interchange

Woy Woy is to be one of nine “key focus areas” in Central Coast Council’s new region-wide parking strategy, currently under development.

The Council is currently asking the community to take part in a survey to determine ways to provide medium to long term parking solutions. Questions in the survey suggest an option of constructing all-day carparks 800m from Woy Woy’s town centre, and a Park and Ride bus service, and measure support for bus, cycling and walking. Council acting director Mr Boris Bolgoff said: “As part of the Community Strategic Plan, the community identified parking in town centres, tourist hubs and commuter areas as important issues to be addressed as Council and its partners work together to shape the future of the Central Coast,” said.

“The creation of car parking options and solutions that address the needs for residents, visitors and businesses was the key to delivering essential infrastructure for our growing region. “Council is aware that there are a number of pinch points for parking across the Central Coast including Woy Woy town centre. “This survey is the fi rst step in capturing information from the community about the types of parking they need to be able to go about their business on the Central Coast,” Mr Bolgoff said.

“Are they seeking parking for longer periods while they are at work or conduct business, or are they seeking parking for shorter periods of time while they attend personal appointments, enjoy leisure activities or dine out? “As our town centres grow, we also have more residents competing for parking close to their homes that we need to plan for,” he said. “As well as asking the community about parking needs in specific areas, the survey will seek information on how improved public transport could impact the community and enable people to have a variety of travel options so they could leave the car at home. “Council can then take this information to public transport operators including the State Government and work together to deliver the best transport outcomes for the region,” Mr Bolgoff said.

The Central Coast Regional Parking survey will open for one month from November 7. Following this, a draft strategy will be developed and go on public exhibition in 2019. The online survey is available via the Your Voice, Our Coast website. Although Woy Woy is the only Peninsula location listed, the survey does allow you to nominate “other locations”. One question on the survey indicated that a potential option for Woy Woy could involve building new all-day parks approximately 800 metres from the town centre with a Park and Ride bus service. It asked the respondent, “what would your preferred method/s be to reach the Woy Woy Town Centre and train station from these car parks?” The options given were bus, walk, cycle or “I would not use these car parks”.

No information is provided about potential locations for such a parking station. The survey did seek additional information about how much the respondent would be willing to pay to use a Park and Ride bus service, preferred hours of operation and frequency. “The strategy will recommend ways to provide for and better manage demand for parking in key centres and train stations. “The strategy will address the shortage in the medium and long term to meet the needs of the growing population. “The strategy will also identify improvements in public transport to reduce the demand for parking and recommend environmentally sustainable measures to address the growing need for people to move in, around and out of the Central Coast.”

According to the website, the supply and demand for mobility parking in each focus area will be studied as a part of the strategy. “Recommendations on mobility parking may be made depending on the results of this study. “If the strategy recommends metered parking as a potential solution, the community will have the opportunity to provide feedback again before a decision is made.” The survey closes on December 9. Council will use the survey information, along with technical studies, to develop a draft strategy which will be placed on public exhibition in 2019. Following exhibition the strategy will go to a Council meeting for adoption.

SOURCE: Media release, 2 Nov 2018 Borris Bolgoff, Central Coast Council Website, 14 Nov 2018 Parking strategy, Your Voice Our Coast