“It stinks, it is toxic” Stephen Goodwin

Dr Stephen Goodwin of the Mountain Districts Association speaks to Jackie Pearson.Dr Stephen Goodwin of the Mountain Districts Association speaks to Jackie Pearson.

Stephen Goodwin from the Mountain Districts Association has called for all who use tap water to make a submission to the EPA to stop another 1.3 million tonne of waste being dumped at the landfill at Mangrove Mountain.

MDA will be holding a public meeting and the Mangrove Mountain Hall on Wednesday, November 28 from 7pm to provide the public with information about why the landfill does not belong in the water catchment of the Central Coast. According to Goodwin the current site was never appropriate for a landfill.


Dr Stephen Goodwin - Central Coast Video News
Published at 2018, November 22
Dr Goodwin represents the Mountain District Association and leading the charge for a full investigat
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“It is within 40 metres from a water course that flows down into Ourimbah Creek and we all know Ourimbah Creek provides potable water for the Central Coast.” The site currently holds between 800,000 and one million cubic metres of waste and is 85 per cent unlined. The landfi ll operator wants licence variations which could see another 1.3 million tonnes of solid waste dumped over 10 years. “Leachate, the liquid bi-product of decomposing process within a solid waste mound… is black and it stinks, you can stand alongside the leachate pond at the moment, it stinks, it is offensive and toxic.”

Source: Video Interview Gosford CBD, October 2018.