Proposal to increase Woy Woy density is appalling

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[Forum] Many residents have great concern about the appalling proposal to increase the building density of Woy Woy, alone in all of this huge area of Central Coast.

The proposal is neither “balanced or sustainable”. This is an aim of Central Coast Council published in July. The recent unanimous decision of the joint regional planning panel to refuse the Sporties development at Woy Woy should be adhered to regarding future developments. A lot of concern was given to the flood prone nature of the area. This alone affects a large part of various places at Woy Woy and surrounds.

Two stories should be the maximum height allowed. Somehow in my time, Woy Woy has become the recipient of fi ve tips, a sanitary depot, sewerage treatment plant, and an abattoir. This at least provided local employment. Both Riley’s and Pelican Islands were saved by community effort, at various times. Enough is enough.

Letter, 27 Oct 2018 June Mitchell, Woy Woy