McBride enters the Live Animal Export debate

Emma McBride, Federal Member for Dobell addressing parliamentEmma McBride, Federal Member for Dobell in addressing parliament

Federal Member for Dobell, Emma McBride, weighed in on the Live Animal Export Bill 2018 debate, during a speech in Parliament.

“The Purpose of this Bill is to re-establish an independent statutory office which will watch over the regulation of the live export sector,” she said. “Their role will be to ensure that correct animal welfare standards are maintained and if there is an alleged breach, to fully investigate the matter, and to impose appropriate sanctions where needed,” McBride said. She went on to discuss the Australian Labor Party’s 2013 Interim Inspector General on Animal Welfare and Live Animal Exports and how this was not proceeded upon by the Coalition when they came to power.

“That was the wrong decision,” McBride said. “It has proven to be devastating for animal protection, and this government has been consistent in its opposition to the appointment of an Inspector General. “We’ve made it clear that a Shorten Labor Government will, at the first opportunity, put an end to the northern summer live sheep trade. “The evidence on this is clear. “The community sentiment on this is clear. “The northern summer sheep trade is just not possible, because it’s cruel. “Labor supports a sustainable live export industry where acceptable animal welfare standards can be achieved. “In government, Labor will provide more transparency and more accountability around the live export trade.

“Like many members of this House, I have received thousands of letters and emails about the live export trade,” McBride said. McBride went on to call the Coalition Government’s response to the matter as token measures and said the Coalition was unwilling to deal with the issue. “The current system is cruel. “You simply cannot load 50,000 sheep onto a boat for four weeks and then sail them through some of the hottest climates in the world and expect animal welfare expectations to be upheld. “As one of my constituents said, if you treated your dog like that, you’d wind up in jail,” she added. McBride then outlined Labor’s five year plan to phase out the summer northern hemisphere live sheep trade.

Source: Speech, Oct 17 Emma McBride, Federal Member for Dobell

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