Disabled passengers have to fend for themselves

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[Forum] According to Red Bus, I don’t know about Busways, the driver is not obliged to assist a disabled passenger board the bus, and in fact is not allowed to leave his seat in case the parking brake fails.

It was not made clear how wheelchair users are handled. Apparently, there are “other options available” (their words) for such passengers. I witnessed this first-hand on the Route 40 bus service, where the driver refused to assist a passenger with a walking frame board the bus, and a passenger had to help instead.

I’m just glad that I, with a sprained wrist and a walking stick, was able to board unassisted. So, there you are, if you are disabled, then you had better count on a Good Samaritan being aboard, or find “other options”.

Email, Nov 5 Dave Horsfall, North Gosford