Construction certificate issued for industry at West Gosford

A construction certificate has been issued for 50 Nells Road, West GosfordA construction certificate has been issued for 50 Nells Road, West Gosford

A construction certificate has been issued for an industrial development at 50 Nells Rd, West Gosford, with works valued at $830,000. The 1.2hectare site is located on the western side of Nells Rd.

“This parcel of land currently sits vacant, clear of any signifi cant vegetation, with a natural grade of approximately 8.5 per cent, sloping from its western side boundary to its east boundary at street frontage at Nells Rd,” a Council assessment report recommending approval of the development said. “The site has been subject to a development consent dated 221/18 for the subdivision of the land into three lots.

“The subdivision has not been registered, although the development subject of this application will occupy the land that constitutes the western most lot within this approved subdivision. “This development will have access to the right of way that connects to Nells Rd.” The proposal consists of the construction of a new industrial development comprising two buildings with a total of 25 units.

“The development will have a gross fl oor area of 1,756 square metres. “The construction of a slab construction structure will involve large cut and fi ll activity, with a maximum cut of 6m along the western frontage of the site.” According to Council’s assessment report, the site’s characteristics make the compliance with the front and side setbacks inappropriate or unnecessary. “The purpose of the side setback is to provide visual separation between adjoining buildings and fi re protection. “The applicant has advised that the building on these frontages will be constructed of fi re retardant materials. “The site is subject to cut and fi ll to achieve a level building platform.

“The result across the whole site would be a stepping of the buildings towards Nells Rd, which provides visual relief. “The variation to the setbacks proposed in the application are considered to be acceptable and can be supported.” The development was notifi ed and no submissions were received. “The potential constraints of the site have been assessed and it is considered that the site is suitable for the proposed development. “It is considered that the proposed development will complement the locality and meet the desired future character of the area.”

Source: DA53974/2018, Nov 6 Gosford DA Tracker, Central Coast Council