CoastCanCare Wellness Program receives $80,000 boost

The Dry July team are celebrating an $80,000 boost to the 2018 Dry July campaignThe Dry July team are celebrating an $80,000 boost to the 2018 Dry July campaign

A program to help local cancer patients, has been given a boost from an $80,000 donation, thanks to this year’s Dry July campaign.

The donation is a combination of money raised by the local community and a grant from the Dry July Foundation. The Dry July campaign encourages people to give up alcohol for the month of July to raise funds to support people affected by cancer. For the past six years, the Central Coast Local Health District’s (CCLHD) CoastCanCare Wellness Program has been a beneficiary of the annual Dry July fundraising campaign.

CoastCanCare Wellness Program coordinator, Tia Covi, said the program provides local adults living with cancer free access to supportive and complementary therapies such as music, exercise and tai chi classes, and focuses on stress and pain management.

The program also provides support and information to the families and carers of patients, which is invaluable for the patient themselves. “The CoastCanCare Wellness Program is designed to give people the techniques, tools, strategies and support to keep their life on track, at diagnosis and during and after cancer treatment,” Covi said.

“The program plays an incredibly important role in the recovery of local cancer patients, and is made possible because of Dry July and donations from the community. “We have had participants tell us the program is the one thing that keeps them going. “The difference it makes in their lives is remarkable,” she said.

“I am so grateful to everyone who signs up to Dry July or supports someone who does. “In my role, I get to see first hand the impact the program has on participants, and knowing that it all came about thanks to the generosity of the local community, makes it even more special. “All donations received by Central Coast Local Health District remain on the Coast for the benefit of the local community. “Thank you to everybody who participated as a Dry Julyer and thank you to everyone that donated. “We are really looking forward to the 2019 campaign,” Covi said.

Source: Media release, Nov 7 Central Coast Local Health District Media

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