Chicken pox cases confirmed

A highly contagious viral infection causing an itchy, blister-like rash on the skin. Image: Mayo Clinic

Woy Woy South Public School has advised that there are a number of confirmed cases of chicken pox at the school.

“We have had a small number of students diagnosed with chicken pox this term. “As the disease is highly contagious, we ask parents and carers to please be aware of the signs and symptoms which include blister, scab, ulcers, or red spots on the skin; fatigue, fever, loss of appetite and headaches, itching, sore throat, or swollen lymph nodes,” said principal Mr Matt Barr.

SOURCE: Newsletters, 18-24 Oct 2018 Matt Barr, Woy Woy South Public School

Information about Chicken Pox can be found at NSW Health here – and/or consult your doctor.