Building a better Coast through Diversity, Inclusion and lots of fun

Glitta Supernova, photographer Lisa Haymes

“Woy Woy will never be the same again” reads one of the hundreds of comments in the Facebook Social media feed for the New Central Coast Arts organisation The Naughty Noodle.

The Everglades county club at Woy Woy was in all her glory as the venues large Auditorium hosted the “CLAMBAKE” cabaret to a hungry crowd of a couple of hundred. With tickets selling out before receiving any press or radio coverage and punters who missed out on Tickets showing up in the hope of getting into the oversold event there was very much a feeling of mayhem and excitement.

The event initially hoped to get 50-80 tickets sold as a taster teaser to measure Coastie interest and ended up selling out twice, after more than doubling the space size and in term capacity. “Over 50% of the performers where appearing at the Sydney Carriage Works the week before, ticketing at triple the price, it was a case of Coasties getting a taste of leading Australian Fringe Artists in a timely, affordable and accessible bite sized sandwich” said Artistic Director, Ringleader and 7 year Coastie Local Glitta Supernova who is the face of the Not for profit Arts and Culture organisation The Naughty Noodle.


The event itself brought the house down, there is no denying this was a first for the coast and the Naughty Noodle surpassed in their promise to deliver on affordable, inclusive and diverse art that is provocative, edgy and entertaining. Think of the last time you went to Sydney to see something very unique, except last Saturday night at the Everglades it was locals from both ends of the coast and those from Sydney and Newcastle who drove to Woy Woy to catch both the show, the unknown and even perhaps their favourite performers With local Motels reporting Sydney Guests staying in Woy Woy specifically for the event.

Miss Tree, photographer Lisa Haymes

A scan around the room highlighted an audience as diverse as its performers- young, old, black, white, male, female and everything in between, with mums, dads, the LGBTIQA community, tradies and councillors all lighting up the room via the technicolor, hilarious and cutting edge story telling/subject matter.

The Naughty Noodle Fun Haus is a brand new central coast social enterprise Arts & Culture organisation with a mission to promote participation and active engagement of Arts & Culture based activities which strengthen the cultural fabric of our Central Coast community that means we want visibility for everyone. “We are really excited about invigorating our under-utilised community spaces right up and down the coast and creating a new and more relevant perception of the central coast that is a place that oozes cultural kudos and invites the world to visit our magical natural wonders as well.

Central Coast Council and Laycock theatre Gosford have partnered with the Naughty Noodle for a February show over MardiGras time “Summer Spandex” , due to demand for the initial show tickets were put on sale Friday and have already started selling, this event is likely to sell out faster than the 1 st.

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Source: Email  Glitta Supernova | Artistic Director Naughty Noodle, Umina, November 2018.