Affordable homes called for

Homeless woman - Image Wikicommons

[Forum] Considering the detailed research and published documentation on homelessness carried out by the Central Coast Council; it’s hard to believe that some people are unable to accept the reality of the problem, and refuse to accept any responsibility in dealing with the issue, instead, attempting to solve the problem as a state government concern.

Homelessness is a major issue affecting all, and requires everyone, rate payers, local council and the state government, to assist in alleviating the problem and dealing with issues arising from the problem, as it not only concerns single people. Being an older person in my own home, I was able to renovate the garage into a single self contained unit to house six grandchildren and parent. Centrelink is overloaded with cases in this area, and the mother and children were offered accommodation in Long Jetty, 24-30km away from school.

The mother doesn’t drive. She was advised to use public transport each day to and from school to accommodate the four elder children. Poor attitudes in the community by some have included: “hasn’t she heard of birth control?”; “only interested in the monetary gain off the state”; and “too many kids, you’ll never get a house.” Simple answers to the above are: not all females can take contraception in any form, some, for medical reasons, and others experience other side effects; the out of reach cost of the ‘pill’; and, the medical profession is reluctant to carry out surgical intervention on young females, unless in a life threatening situation. Please, without action in the immediate future, this concern could become another, ‘Protect the children,” or ‘Me too’ dilemma. Affordable homes are needed.

Letter, Oct 10 Margaret Johnson, Budgewoi