180 children and their families enjoy FunFlight Day

Moments from Central Coast Aero Club’s 2018 FunFlight DayMoments from Central Coast Aero Club’s 2018 FunFlight Day

Over 150 struggling and disadvantaged families descended on the Central Coast Aero Club, on October 28, for the Club’s annual FunFlight Day.

FunFlight is a charitable organisation that coordinates joy flights for children and families touched by adversity. The organisation connects Aero Clubs, charities and communities by coordinating FunFlight Days across the country, where children can enjoy a free scenic flight and a range of other activities on the ground. The 2018 FunFlight Day was Central Coast Aero Club’s third time hosting the event, and for pilot, Ben Mink, the day is always a highlight.

Central Coast Aero Club Family Fun Day 2018 was a hit with this family.

Central Coast Aero Club Family Fun Day 2018 was a hit with this family.

“It’s always a good day and the Club always pulls together to make it the best experience it can be,” Mink said. “This year we took 180 kids and their families for a scenic flight around the Coast, and they absolutely loved it. “For many of them it was their first time flying, and that’s always a good feeling, helping a child experience flight for the first time,” he continued. The event is always a gargantuan effort that sees FunFlight and the Aero Club coordinating with the Coast and Hunter’s many community and charitable organisations to ensure as many families have the opportunity to get up in the air as possible.

According to Mink, there’s a lot of planning involved, from ensuring flight numbers to counting sausages for the barbecue. “It’s definitely a big effort, but in the end, it’s always worth it,” Mink said. “The Club had around 40 volunteers running things on the ground and we had eight pilots rotating between six planes, but the Club always looks forward to FunFlight Day and we hope to keep doing them annually. “For us it’s a great way to not only get involved in our community and show them what we’re all about, but to also give back to it,” Mink said. The Aero Club wishes to thank Central Coast Council for supporting them on the day by waiving the landing fees for the pilots and planes donating their time to FunFlight Day.

Source: Interview, Oct 29 Ben Mink, Central Coast Aero Club Dilon Luke, Journalist

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