Youth unemployment 35 % higher than national average

Youth unemployment on peninsulaYouth unemployment is high

The local youth unemployment rate sits at a “shocking” 16.2 per cent, while the national joblessness rate for youth aged 15 to 24 stands at an average of just above 12 per cent.

According to Apprenticeship Support Australia (ASA), since 2014, national youth employment rates have been suffering, but few areas are suffering greater than the Coast. In response to this issue, ASA commissioned the second Skillsroad Youth Census.

Supported by the NSW Business Chamber the Skillsroad 2018 Youth Census is designed to illuminate the hopes, fears and general attitudes of young people as they transition from school to the workforce. The 2018 Census aims to reach as many young people as possible to build on existing knowledge from previous reports, delving deeper into the wellbeing of young Australians by examining the specific areas in which they struggling. “This census comes at a critical time for young people in the Central Coast area of NSW, who are facing an employment crisis,” says Jeff Cooke, Manager of ASA’s Hunter and North Coast branch.

“As the only survey exploring youth employment and wellbeing on this scale, the Skillsroad 2018 Youth Census can provide unprecedented, evidence-based insights for our schools, parents and business, into the necessary tools required to properly support our young people.” The Census closed on September 30 with a report to be released on October 15.

Source: Media release, Sep 13 Tess Green, ASA