School removes 380 kgs rubbish from Brisbane Water

Narara Valley High School students have been mainstays of the Clean4Shore programNarara Valley High School students have been mainstays of the Clean4Shore program

Cold and wet conditions did not stop students from Narara Valley High School’s Year 9 and 10 Marine Studies Unit from giving back to their community, through the Clean4Shore program.

“Sixteen students greeted Clean4shore on arrival at Gosford Sailing Club, on a wet cold Spring morning,” said Clean4Shore program manager, Graham Johnston. “Narara Valley High School, now veterans in maintaining the local waterways close to their school, ventured into Gosford Broadwater, closer to base, in case of heavier rain, cleaning the mangroves either side of the Marine Rescue base. “Generally very clean, six bags of rubbish were removed plus a shopping trolley and car tyre.

“The group ventured into Fagans Bay, under the Railway Bridge, then south, cleaning the foreshores adjacent to the railway line. “Immediately, large volumes of small litter presented, previously unsighted on past trips. “Balls, balls, and more balls appeared with bulk plastic bottles and polystyrene, typical Narara Creek/Fagans Bay litter, previously hidden, but now exposed, as wind and tide moved the litter. “Soccer balls, basket balls, netballs, eight recycled back to the school, with 300 plus tennis balls collected “One lucky volunteer collected 53 balls, not quite a record, but impressive,” said Johnston.

“This litter is more typical to the 2016 masses that we collected, and the source of litter reminds Clean4shore that more is coming. “Heaps of fun and laughter kept the group positive all morning, throughout the light rain. “The trip back to the Sailing Club was indeed cold, then a quick off load into the trailer. “Gosford Sailing Club allowed access for the students and supervising teachers to change, and shower, then a big healthy lunch to finish the morning. “Thanks to the students, 380 kilos of rubbish was offloaded at Woy Woy Tip,” Johnston said.

Source: Website, Sep 26 Graham Johnston, Clean4Shore Facebook page