SBS interviewed local doctor about dementia work

Dr Shafi takes a holistic approach to treating dementiaDr Shafi takes a holistic approach to treating dementia

A doctor from Brisbane Waters Private Hospital has been interviewed by the SBS Network about her work with helping dementia patients with rehabilitation medicine.

Dr Arooge Shafi is an expert in rehabilitation medicine who has been applying her expertise to the treatment of dementia at Brisbane Waters Private Hospital. Dr Shafi takes a holistic approach to treating dementia and said the overall goal of any dementia treatment should be to improve the patient’s quality of life. “Oscar Wilde said: ‘To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist. That is all.’

“We actually help people ‘live’ by making a practical and real difference in their quality of life. “Making medical and functional diagnoses and prognosis, prevent and treat secondary and tertiary complications, manage symptoms, facilitate treatment, and contribute to life decisions. “All are tremendously satisfying,” Dr Shafi said.

Dr Shafi ’s approach to dementia treatment combines rehabilitation medicine with physical activities. According to Dr Shafi , this method focuses on improving patients’ functions and physical well-being to combat the encroaching symptoms associated with dementia.

SOURCE: Social media, 27 Sep 2018 Kathy Beverly, Brisbane Waters Private Hospital