Prime Minister asked to ensure access to ceremony

Letters to the editor

[Forum] I have sent a letter to the Prime Minister requesting an urgent intervention to ensure the 100-year ceremony to mark the end of World War 1 is not disadvantaged by the approved oyster festival to be held on the same day at Ettalong Beach.

Courteous requests for action to ensure frail, elderly, disabled veterans and the public are able to safely and conveniently attend and leave the ceremony have been ignored and have been a dismal failure despite numerous attempts to obtain assurances. Too often I have been told the issue is “sorted” without details on road closures, access to the site, transport within the Peninsula, parking, seating, medical services, carers’ needs or weather plans.

Those involved have had more than sufficient time to indicate strong support for the ceremony, veterans and the public. Procrastination is responsible for calls for the Prime Minister’s intervention. I have asked the Prime Minister if he will be attending the ceremony at the Australian War Memorial or a local fete at 11am, on November 11.

We are very slow to differentiate minor and major issues here on the Central Coast. This matter is far from “sorted”. My third visit to the Member for Robertson’s office was to deliver a copy of my correspondence to the Prime Minister. Who is upholding Australia’s values and character? Support the Vets. Attend the Remembrance Day Ceremony.

Letter, 3 Oct 2018 Norman Harris, Umina