Preschool rating was ‘excellent’

Woy Woy Preschoolers having fun in the therapy gardenWoy Woy Preschoolers having fun in the therapy garden. Archive image 2017

Woy Woy Public School’s Guliyali Preschool has received an excellent rating from the national early childhood standards watchdog, the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority, according to principal Ms Ona Buckley.

“With excitement, we would like to inform our families that Guliyali Preschool achieved an overall rating of Exceeding on the Authority’s National Quality Standard Review and also achieved a rating of Exceeding in each of the standards and elements,” she said.

“This is a truly wonderful result which is suitable reflective of the dedication of our team, the support and input our families and community members have at our preschool and the participation of our children as active citizens and learners in their environment to drive our program. “This is an incredible achievement for our entire school.”

SOURCE: Social media, 15 Oct 2018 Ona Buckley, Woy Woy Public School

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