Pre-schoolers learn about drought

Pupils of Woy Woy Public School learn about drought.Pupils of Woy Woy Public School learn about drought.

In an effort to educate some of Woy Woy’s youngest residents about the severity of drought and its effects on farmers, children at Woy Woy Public School’s Guliyali Preschool have been learning about droughts.

“The children at Guliyali Preschool have been supporting farmers across Australia by learning about what a drought is, how to save water and electricity, what their donations will do to help the farmers,” said principal Ms Ona Buckley. “To gain a better understanding of farming, our pre-schoolers have also been growing vegetables on site and recently harvested their crops to make salad wraps,” she said.

SOURCE: Social media, 21 Sep 2018 Ona Buckley, Woy Woy Public School

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