$3.5m project to replace Tacoma South sewerage system

Tacoma South will receive a sewerage upgrade. Image: CC Council

Central Coast Council has started a new round of community consultation for a $3.5m project to replace the sewerage system for over 100 properties on the southern bank of Wyong River, in Tacoma South.

Council Senior Manager, Water and Sewer, Bileen Nel, said the new system was designed for the specific conditions of this location. “Water will periodically infiltrate any system at this location due to the high water-table and close proximity to Wyong River,” Nel said. “The system we have chosen will significantly reduce the number of water infiltration incidents and their impact,” she said. “Should a problem occur with any of the systems, Council will be immediately notified by an alarm and will take the appropriate action to resolve the situation.” Residents will have an opportunity for an at-home consultation session, and were also able to attend a Drop-in Information Session at the Riverside Reserve on South Tacoma Rd on September 22.

The individual consultation is an opportunity for residents to review the existing property design, reassess the electrical equipment for any changes, ask questions, raise concerns, and discuss any potential changes before plans are finalised. There is a scheduled construction time-frame of early 2019. Residents are already connected to Council’s sewerage system, but properties within the Tacoma South scheme boundary are required to change over to the upgraded system. The existing vacuum system, installed in 1989 and nearing the end of its lifespan, will be decommissioned. “The current system is inappropriate for flood prone areas and fails to operate correctly during periods of flooding. “The proposed alternative technology will perform better in a flood situation,” according to information on the your voice our coast website. Because the new system consists of sealed pressurised pipes and pressure sewer units (PSUs) with grinder pumps, inflow and infiltration is minimised.

The pipes are installed using shallow trenching and trenchless technology, reducing the disruption to vegetation and existing ground surfaces. Once installed, the only visible parts of the pressure sewer system will be the tank lid, control panel and boundary kit. The pressure sewer mains (network) will be located in the road reserve and on public land. Generally, installation and ongoing maintenance of the new system is expected to have minimal impact on the local environment and residents. Residents will be asked to sign a Central Coast Council User Agreement, which outlines Council’s and the property owner’s roles, responsibilities, and ownership of the new system. Property owners will be required to meet the costs of supplying electricity to operate the pump, generally around $25-30 per year, which will be offset by a reduced annual sewer charge for Tacoma South.

Source: Media release, Central Coast Council media Website, Sep 27 Tacoma South Sewerage Upgrade, Yourvoiceourcoast

A link to the Council’s online submission system for this project is here