The world’s gone mad

[Forum] After reading some of the newspapers lately, I’ve come to the conclusion that our country is now out of control with stupid political correctness.

Is there anything now called a woman, man or child, or are we just its? One of the most stupid things to read is that when a child is born they don’t even have to place the child’s gender on the birth certificate. What in the name of decency is going on? How idiotic have we become? Let’s tell those stupid people to come back to the proper ways of doing things in our country and have a reasonable society.

Even the armed forces are out of control with the honorifics such as Sir or Ma’am is gone. How can we justify such stupidity? Children are not taught to set tables, girls are not taught how to sew, and the boys are not taught how to do anything at school, like being respectful to their parents and grandparents. They are not taught how to cross a street properly by looking to right, then left, then right again before crossing the road, and as for the language in the street, it’s at the gutter level. It is no wonder our nation is collapsing around our ears.

Email, Aug 7 Robert Findley, Point Clare

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