Draft DCP overrides too many previous regulations

Letters to the editorLetters to the editor

[Forum] I would like to express my concern and objection about the short time frame that Central Coast residents have been given to study and reply to the rather complex draft plan, which is hard to accurately determine from the data given, plus the absolute lack of consultation to residents.

Many residents would have absolutely no idea what is to come if this goes ahead as proposed, maybe this is what is hoped for. Sure we want the Gosford CBD to be developed, but this seems to have been ignored by the Draft Control Plan 2018, with height restrictions taken away, parking ratios excluded, no penalty to developers, and Central Coast Council not having any say at all, although they are elected by residents to be a watchdog regarding development.

It would appear that our waterfront will once again be compromised by the State Government, along with building heights, which seem to be unlimited, lack of parking provisions by developers, no consideration regarding shadowing by buildings, thus losing sunshine and of course open space, which will be hard to find in the Gosford CBD. As an ex-serviceman, it seems that the Gosford War Memorial may be compromised under this plan, although I am having problems deciphering exactly what the plans depict.

We have lived on the Central Coast since 1994, but now find our Council does not seem to have any rights when it comes to what Macquarie St and the Liberal Government want. Transparency seems to be ignored, as does honest and fair consultation. Sure we want the Gosford CBD to be developed, but too many previous regulations now seem to be ignored in the draft DCP.

Email, Sep 20 Tony Farina, Kariong