Busking welcomed but not on footpaths

Busking on the Central Coast is still encouragedBusking on the Central Coast is still encouraged

A report has confirmed that Council encourages busking at a range of community locations, but this does not extend to footpaths within town centres.

Council’s approach is outlined in the Central Coast Busking Policy, and is consistent with the eight Councils analysed for the report. Mayor Jane Smith said Council actively encourages busking to bring colour and vibrancy to public spaces. “Busking can add so much life to a location, and it is wonderful to see that this is a growing feature across the Central Coast,” Mayor Smith said.

“Busking is actively encouraged, and we would love to see the next big Australian music industry star get their start here on the Coast.

“We do however also need to ensure the safety of both buskers and community members, and this is why some locations and activities are not permitted under our policy.” Buskers need to obtain a Busking Approval Card for a small $20 fee, which provides coverage through Council’s public liability insurance.

Source: Media release, Sep 24 Central Coast Council media