Bushfire on Lion Island

The Lion Island bushfire. Image: CC RFSThe Lion Island bushfire. Image: CC RFS. Archive Sept 2018

Fire brigades from across the region’s south responded to a bushfire on Lion Island on August 25.

The blaze is thought to have been started by a lightning strike and occurred around 5 pm. The fire quickly took hold in the Island’s dry vegetation. The fire with its large smoke plume was visible from Umina to Palm Beach. Local firefighters and emergency services faced the unique challenge of getting to the isolated island, which acts as a nature reserve for a large colony of Little Penguins.

Once firefighters landed on the Island they were able to bring the blaze to heel in a relatively short time. National Parks and Wildlife Service Officers will assess the impact to local fauna and flora on the island over the coming weeks. This is the third fire this August for Brisbane Water Brigades.

SOURCE: Social Media, 25 Aug 2018 Alex Milgate, NSW RFS