Anonymous donor increases the possibility of community gardens in Avoca

Mike Rubbo at the land that the Avoca Beach Community Group is hoping to purchase to run as a cooperative community gardenMike Rubbo at the land that the Avoca Beach Community Group is hoping to purchase to run as a cooperative community garden

The possibility of community gardens in Avoca has come one step closer, with a pledge from an anonymous donor of $500,000.

This new resident to Avoca was thrilled by the idea that the five acres at the corner of Hillside Rd and Avoca Dve could become a community garden and the site of a much-needed community hall. “The zoning on the land is very flexible, conducive to everything we might want to do,” said Avoca Beach Community Association (ABCA) spokesperson, Mike Rubbo. “This land is also directly across the road from another visionary project, Bob Pickett’s, offer to donate five acres of land for much-needed sporting fields,” Rubbo said. 314 Avoca Dr goes to auction on September 22, so the community has very little time to get their act together.

“But pledges for $10,000 are coming in, two from members of the ABCA committee. “Organisers are hoping that 150 plus other Avoca residents or property owners in this very well-heeled suburb will see the merits of organic vegetables grown at our doorstep, and pitch in,” he said/ “Not long ago, the people of Sawtell pitched in to buy their little movie theatre which is now a thriving business. “Such cooperative initiatives are possible and very rewarding. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way, as the saying goes. “How the co-op would be set up, to what extent it would be individual plots that people farm or whether there would be cash crops on some acres, has yet to be determined, but we have all the experts needed to work those things out.

The owner of the property, Denis Buckley, himself a visionary when it comes to permaculture, hopes the community can get its act together before the auction.

There is a Facebook group which is easy to join, Community land for Avoca Beach, on which people can make their pledges and offer their suggestions.

Like Minds Café, which has become an exciting hub at Avoca, is lending its business and food growing expertise. “Some leadership is coming from myself but I’m hoping to step back and allow others to do the running very soon,” Rubbo said.

Source: Media release, Sep 12 Mike Rubbo, Avoca Beach Community Group