Animal carer seeks funds for native wildlife humidicrib

A picture of the humidicrib for small animals that funds are being raised for.A picture of the humidicrib for small animals that funds are being raised for.

[Animal Welfare]  A Umina wildlife carer has started a crowd-funding campaign to purchase equipment to improve the survival rate of sick, injured and abandoned native animals coming into care on the Woy Woy Peninsula.
Ms Clare Rickell started the campaign in July to raise $1300 to purchase a bird brooder, which controls temperature and humidity similar to a humidicrib.
Designed for young and recovering birds, it is also widely used with wildlife rescue for animals as large as koalas and other marsupials.
“Coming into summer and the upcoming baby season, our branch of native animal rescuers needs a good humidicrib to deal with the influx of animals,” Ms Rickell said.
“Each year we seem to get more and more in.
“This unit can be used for all our animals including possums, bats, large and small and kangaroo joeys and many more.
“It keeps them at a constant warm temperature and humidity which is great for the babies who don’t have fur yet, so it’s a great little unit.
“This unit is great as it has inbuilt water reservoir so it can be used for animals who need very high 90 per cent humidity such as our cave-dwelling microbats.
“Getting our existing equipment up that high is nigh on impossible.
“With your help, I can purchase one of these great units ready for this year’s intake and it will help to save many lives,” Ms Rickell said.
Ms Rickell’s campaign can be found on the Go Fund Me  ‘Humidicrib for native baby animals’ *

SOURCE: Website, 22 Aug 2018, Clare Rickell, Umina

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