Primary students threatened with ‘adult’ law

A policewoman has threatened Woy Woy primary school children with the force of “adult” law, according to a school newsletter.

She was speaking to students in Years 5 and 6 from St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School in Woy Woy. “Senior Constable Jaime Tommerup visited our school,” said principal Ms Nicole Cumming. “SC Tommerup explained to students that once you reach the age of 10 you are able to be charged with any offence that an adult can be, such as assault and harassment.

“Even if the offence happens at school, at home or at weekend sport, children 10 and up are accountable to the same laws as adults. “She also explained to the students the dangers of having social media accounts and the powers the police have to track content put on the internet. “Even if it’s deleted, it can still be retrieved. “SC Tommerup reminded the students that the legal age for social media accounts is 13,” Ms Cumming said.

SOURCE: Newsletter, 5 Aug 2018 Nicole Cumming, St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School

This article appeared first in print in the Peninsula News, August 27, 2018