Nicky Bomba to feature at Rhythm Hut birthday

Nicky Bomba, the King of Percussion plays the Rhythm HutNicky Bomba, the King of Percussion plays the Rhythm Hut

[Interview] Local music venue The Rhythm Hut marks a milestone 5 years at Faunce Street in Gosford this weekend. To celebrate,  international percussion maestro Nicky Bomba will feature at the musical anniversary on Saturday together with Bootleg Rascal and Rosie & The Quest.

The Rhythm Hut supports live local music, having billed some huge live music events over the years with renowned national and international artists such as Nattali Rize (Blue King Brown), Rising Appalachia, Kim Churchill, Tijuana Cartel, OKA and many more. This weekend Bomba returns to Gosford, a place close to his heart.

He’s been dubbed Australia’s ‘King of Percussion’ having played with John Butler Trio, Melbourne Ska Orchestra, and Bustamento. Internationally he’s played to packed stages at Bluesfest, Glastonbury and Montreal Jazz Festival.

We caught up with Nicky prior to The Hut’s big celebration. In this ‘up close and personal’ interview Bomba explains his passion for Gosford’s conspicuously colourful music venue.

“The Rhythm Hut is a special place and leading the way in Community Live Music events across the region.”

So, What keeps bringing you back to the Hut?

“It’s a special venue to play on the Australian Music Scene. I love supporting music, community and culture on the Central Coast.

What does community mean to you?

My ultimate role as music messenger is to be a carrier of harmonic tones and it’s is about unifying and creating joy. At The Rhythm Hut in particular music and community go hand in hand and that’s special.

Why do we have to keep live music gigs alive?

Playing live is an ancient ritual. It’s an art, you have to have a sense of self and belief that if you get your energy right on stage its full proof it always translates. There is a unity and connection between you the artist and the audience. In a live medium, in performance mode, you get energised by it and go with it. Playing live is a different experience every night which ignites you as an artist and inspires you.

What about inspiration and creativity?

I am fuelled by creativity. We are all born of the creative spirit and you touch the sense of bliss and joy when jamming and creating music. Something energetic about it inspires you on a daily basis. And knowing that your living your mission gives me a sense of peace.

Who are the people that inspire you?

People who are making a go of the industry, putting their money where their mouth is so to speak. Singer song writer’s, busker’s, anyone who is living their passion and this translates through their music. Of course Reggae music and James Brown inspires my work.

What inspires you?

Nature itself inspires me and I have chosen to live out of the city, amongst the beauty of nature. I find my sensitivities are heightened and I am inspired to create.

What about philosophical influences? 

Buddhist philosophy, oneness, learning to live in every moment, the power of NOW. In the past, I experienced emotional grief from living in the past or future. Now I live from a space of gratitude and learn how to process the emotional roller-coaster of life. Finding the sweet balance and love inspires you.

What is the message you like to share through your music?

The message that I would like to share is based around my personal revelations and how I have perceived them, processed them and learnt something out of it. Scientifically,  I perceive the world and human experience by celebrating through my lyrical process.

Community and Live Music?

Live performance is about unification, communication, embracing everyone’s’ talents to share from band to audience. I treat it like I’m playing in my own lounge room among friends. Observing that and letting it unfold, and then seeing peoples reaction.

People naturally are affected by other people’s antics, and challenges. Yhe majority of people in the audience are being moved by a performance, it’s positive, it’s inspiring.

Do you have daily practice?

I wake up every morning burn sage, ring Tibetan bell, set my intention and pull cards. I say a daily prayer of gratitude Give thanks. It sounds simple and easy to put it aside, and it only takes a few minutes a day and you can find that time as it sets me up to create. I love to stay healthy, exercise in nature daily, and eat well. I find the beauty in every moment.

First words that come to mind?

Music – “Rainbow” – Dance –  “Primal” – Art – “Sensitivities” – Community – “Joy” – Central Coast  – “Surf”.

Describe what the Central Coast means to you?

Beaches, a lighthouse, surf culture and music. I was introduced to the Central Coast music scene in Gosford at The Rhythm Hut, to their village grassroots thing. Music and culture seem to be strong and alive on the Coast.

Any advice for upcoming artists?

Believe in yourself, know you are unique everyone has their own voice, You have to be real and you have to be willing to work and discipline yourself. Create a daily practice by putting in time, be committed to your creative work, because inspiration doesn’t fall on your lap.

Source: Skype interview, August 10, 2018, Saffie Lys, Music Correspondent.

Tickets for the event are available here