New eatery boasts Italian cuisine

Costa Centrale Woy Woy. Image: Carmen GasparCosta Centrale Woy Woy. Image: Carmen Gaspar

Woy Woy has a new eatery boasting Italian cuisine and gelato for locals. Opened to the public in April, Costa Centrale is Woy Woy’s newest slice of Italy.

The Costa Centrale team recently introduced a dessert bar hosting 12 gelato flavours, and since serving their food people have asked them to start serving dinner as well. The cafe is owned and operated by the close-knit Russo family, Andrea, Emilia, Rose and Semuel. “Predominantly, Andrea, my partner, came up with the idea, but altogether it was the four of us,” said co-owner Ms Rose Russo. Moving to Woy Woy from Sydney to seek affordable housing, Andrea and Rose saw an opportunity they couldn’t resist.

“There weren’t many Italian restaurants that we liked going to in Sydney,” Ms Russo said, which is exactly why the team of four were inspired to open their cafe. It took just six weeks to transform the old burger diner into their new crisp white and mint cafe. “People visited from the time we were renovating to have a chat and have stayed as regulars from the start,” Ms Russo said. “It’s almost like we’ve made a second family in the area,” she said.

Andrea and Rose enjoy cooking the Italian dishes that locals love, while Emilia and Semuel make sure diners enjoy the experience. Andrea and Emilia have a southern Italian heritage. Growing up, Andrea and Rose’s parents owned restaurants in Ryde, Dural and Windsor. This is where they began to build their knowledge and skills as restaurateurs.

SOURCE: Media release, 3 Aug 2018 Interview, 7 Aug 2018 Rose Russo, Costa Centrale Co-Owner Reporter: Chloe Krafczyk

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